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Going out to meet a bunch of 20-something girls for cocktails and delicious food—luckily my eyebrows are on point. 

Okay, this is adorable. I love your blog. It’s so helpful/inspiring.

Aw, thank you so much! I’m really glad you find it helpful.

This gif maker is so much fun.

Going out to meet a bunch of 20-something girls for cocktails and delicious food—luckily my eyebrows are on point. 


Vegan Colorful Snack Round Up

Vegan Rainbow Lasagna Veggie Stacks (GF)

Rainbow Salad (GF/NF/raw)

Vegan Cashew Cheese Chard Wraps

Three Color Hummus

Bell Pepper Rainbow Salsa (GF)

Those Beautiful Spring Rolls

Easy Hummus Spiral

Vegan Sushi Roll

Rainbow Roast Veggie Salad

Tutti Frutti Vegan Rainbow Smoothie (GF/NF/SF)

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Why Should I Eat Healthier?
Eating healthier has a lot of benefits - it gives your body the nutrients it deserves to have, making it more energetic, less prone to diseases (studies have shown it can lower the risk of any chronic disease, lower blood pressure risk, and may lower the risk of certain types of cancer) and provides you with a longer, healthier and happier life. 
10 reasons to stay healthy
17 reasons to stay healthy that aren’t about weight loss
Infographics on healthy eating (if you don’t like boring text :P)
How Do I Start?
Fitness Nerd’s guide to healthy eating - I’ve recommended this to people before and they all thanked me for it, so have a little read. It might take a while, but it’s well worth it and covers most aspects of healthy eating and why you should do it!
Beginner’s guide to eating clean
Easy Tips for Planning a Healthy Diet & sticking to it
Calculate your BMR.  (Basal Metabolic Rate - the number of calories your body burns at rest to maintain normal body functions)
Daily Calorie Needs Estimator (makes a bit more sense than BMR if you’re quite an active person)
Livestrong - I absolutely adore this website and it helped me a lot when I started on my health journey. Great information & all sorts of good articles!
Everyday Health
30 Healthy recipes
Whole Living
Nutrition Data
Pinterest healthy eating section
Blogs and Recipes
Mostly Eating
Food Babe - learn about genetically modified food 
Plant Based on a Budget
Oh My Veggies
The Healthy Foodie
Breaking Muscle
The Kitchen Is My Playground
Oh She Glows
Minimalist Baker - AMAZING simple recipes!
Yummly - recipe database
Documentaries To Watch
Food Matters  - Breaking down health myths and full of useful facts!
Hungry for Change - A documentary exposing some food secrets!
Food Inc.
Fork Over Knives
Fat Sick & Nearly Dead


64 Best Health Fitness Apps of 2013
9 Healthy eating apps to get you back on track!

My Faves:

Daily Water - Control your water intake, set reminders!

GymPact - Free. Pays you to work out, but you can also choose a veggie pact and food log pact!
Moves - Keeps track of your steps
Fooducate - Helps analyse food labels.
Harvest - Fruit and veg database

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Breathe. It’s only a bad day not a bad life. Ashley Purdy  (via void-function)

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Having trouble creating your proposal for the 2014 Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund? Remember, each mistake and re-write is just one step closer to your finished product!

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This is so wrong physiologically that it hurts to read.

For those who want to know the actual physiology behind it:

In low intensity exercise (which is up to about 70% of your maximum intensity/max heart rate) you pull out triglycerides from adipose tissue and use a process of the metabolism called catabolism to breakdown those triglycerides into fatty acids for use by your muscles as fuel. That is when you burn literal stored adipose tissue aka fat. This happens before carb catabolism due to there being enough oxygen present to use fat catabolism and the fact that we are built for long-term storage; it’d be pretty unfortunate if we as a species used all of our macronutrients from one meal to fuel ourselves instead finding a way to store macronutrients for when food is scarce.

When you hit about 70% of your max however, you are no longer taking in enough oxygen to use fat catabolism and switch to carb catabolism from glycogen stores created by unused carbs. You are no longer directly burning fat ONLY because you’ve hit oxygen levels too low to do so by doing high intensity exercises. If you went back to low intensity, you’d switch back to fat catabolism. This is actually partially the reason why they say high intensity interval training is so effective.

All of this is paraphrased from the sixth edition Human Physiology textbook written by Dee Unglaub Silverthorne. So there’s your source if you’re anal about sources like I am.

i love seeing these ridiculous posts being called out on their bullshit. seriously, stop believing everything you see on this website and do RESEARCH


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How I feel on the inside when I have pizza.

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